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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Are Data Managers, Hypocrites!

Every other industry has now bought in to or considering Cloud, Big Data, Advanced analytics, Machine learning, Internet of things.  It is a fact that 80% of information generated is unstructured.  Extracting the information from the unstructured content is now possible with the advent of NoSQL, text parsers, context search... as long as the information is digitized.  We as Data Managers have long been preaching the importance of going digital - avoiding hard copies. Do we practice what we preach or are we hypocrites?

In one of the recent Data Manager's conference, I witnessed 80% of data managers taking notes in a notebook (not the digital one).  Most of the data management trainings conducted by vendors distribute hard copies of training material.  All notes taken in the training is also hardcopy.  We are still handing out flyer's, business cards, hard copies of presentations.  One of my fellow Data Manager maintains 3 notebooks of data for an year!  All of these contain data / information that we need referencing.  As data managers are we truly digital? Are we practicing what we preach?  

It is time we change and start leading by example.   

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